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What to know? In recent years, digital development has accelerated and digital turbulence is the new normal. So, it’s time for a synthesis, time to bring stability to that turbulence: what have we learned? What do we know? What should we no longer doubt about? Whether you’re a CEO or a full-time worker, you have an important role to play in your organisation’s digital transformation. But it’s hard when you don’t have a common frame of reference or common language. What’s the big picture? How do things align?
How can you contribute? This book offers you a practical perspective on six critical elements of successful digital transformation design: Strategy for the digital age: “Digital transformation invests in strengthening the core and growing the more”. Customer experience design: “Great customer experience emerges from the way you solve your customers’ problems”. Data and analytics: “Giving data hands and feet is crucial to the success of a digital transformation”. Digital partnership strategies: “Combinatorial innovation drives digital partnerships, but they still must be earned. Digital transformation leadership: “Technology skills are an organisation’s ticket to ride, agility its ticket to heaven”. Scaling agility: “The paradox involved in scaling agility is introducing fast flexibility and stability at the same time”.

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