The Busy Brain Book

Care for easily overloaded minds. A workbook for children and adults.

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€ 36,15 

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A busy brain already has a lot on its mind and doesn’t find it easy to add any more. With an overloaded mind it’s hard to think straight or pay attention. You find yourself getting tired and angry easily, which stops you explaining clearly what you want to say. As a result working or playing together becomes more difficult. Some minds are naturally like this and fill up quickly. This book refers to them as “easily overloaded minds”. The book is intended, and especially written for children aged 8 and over that have to deal with an easily overloaded mind. It also looks to provide advice to the adults who support them.
It aims to explain information processing issues in the brain on a level that is understandable and accessible for children as well as the impact of this on their social-emotional development and self-image. ‘Short fuses’, inflexibility, inattention, distractibility, forgetfulness, impulsiveness and a slow responsiveness in a child’s behaviour can become major sources of irritation and annoyance within their environment. This behaviour will cause a mutual lack of understanding in both communication and discussion between the child, other children and/or adults. For this reason, the book focuses on psycho-education: ‘How do I take care of myself now I know my mind works like this, and how can others help and support me with that’. The book provides plenty of practical examples and metaphors for both children and adults. Thanks to the explanations being paired with illustrations, tips, (fill-in) exercises and tests, this book is a playful invitation to link the content to your own experiences. The easily accessible and practical aspect of the book will be a source of inspiration, encouragement and recognition for both experience experts and professionals in education and care.

LINDE KRAIJENHOFF is a play therapist/trainer at Royal Dutch Kentalis, an organization for people to whom hearing and communicating is not always so straightforward.